Locate your vehicles WITHOUT MONTHLY FEES

How it works

AlertPhone is a prepaid system that allows you to locate and monitor your vehicle. To locate your vehicle, SIMPLY send an SMS with the word TEXT and you will receive an SMS reply indicating its current position. You can also receive a map showing your vehicle's location by sending an SMS with the word MAP. Click here to download our catalogue.

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Localisation and monitoring

With no ongoing fees, AlertPhone allows you to:

  • Locate your vehicle from your mobile or from this website.
  • Receive alerts on your mobile or via e-mail.
  • In case your vehicle is stolen, switch on monitor mode and follow the route taken by the vehicle on this website in real time for up to 24 hours.

This service includes SIM card and all communication costs.

If you want full CONTROL over your vehicle 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, visit: www.mobilefleet.es. Subscribe to an integrated localisation service for your vehicle or your entire fleet.


AlertPhone generates the following alerts, which are sent to both mobile phone and e-mail inbox:

  • Exit national border: Each time the vehicle leaves Spanish territory.
  • Enter national border: Each time the vehicle enters Spanish territory.
  • Battery cut-off: In case of an attempt to sabotage the vehicle battery.


The following optional accessory is available:

  • Immobilizer:Prevents motor ignition.